[8/20/20 Zoom Meeting] Blockchain for Lawyers

Blockchain for Lawyers talk was presented by Peter Roldan.

The talk will cover the following topics:

  • Basics of blockchain technology and distributed ledgers
  • What makes blockchain secure?
  • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Applications of blockchain technology in the legal industry

Please note this video is not offered for MCLE credit. We are only authorized to give credit to those who attend at the time of the presentation.

AAC Speaker Videos Available to All AAC Members

It is our goal for the Attorney Action Club to become a valuable part of your professional life. We started this group to help you and grow your network and business. Every month our meetings have interesting and thought-provoking speakers. To help showcase our speakers, we have incorporated their talks on the AAC website.

As a member of AAC, you have access to speakers from 2018. So if you missed a month, you can log into the website, join their topic group and view their video from start to finish.  In the “Big Win” Blog, we post each time a new group and talk is available to view. In the blog, we post a teaser which links to the full-length talk.  As a member, you have full access to these videos.

In 2019, it is our goal to have each speaker videoed. These high-quality videos are done by Jason Steinberg of Steinberg Imagery. Steinberg Imagery began out of work at the SF Examiner, using storytelling to define a business of photography and videography. Today, Steinberg Imagery fulfills the marketing needs of a wide variety of clients, from family-run businesses to large corporations. Each of his videos are done in high quality, professional way; they are not merely a camera recording. Jason takes the time to edit, add music and create a teaser. Each one is truly a showpiece.

We invite you to check out the videos from 2018. Find the ‘Groups section of the website which you can locate under the ‘About AAC’ section at the top of the home page.  Once an AAC member, you join a group and you will then be able to view the past videos. You can also peruse the Big Win Blog to see which speakers from 2018 have videos and view the teasers there.

Leo and I believe passionately that these videos are important. They achieve the relevant and interesting information you as speakers bring to our organization. We encourage you to take advantage of viewing them and engage with the speakers in their AAC Groups on the website.

What’s Happening?

In keeping with the Attorney Action Club’s mission to help lawyers succeed in life and business, we will be featuring upcoming networking events, MCLEs, and  other attorney resources for the benefit of our members.  Please send your suggestions to Jenny at va@stoll-law.com and she will ensure your event is considered.

AAC member, Joseph Ferrucci, would like to invite any AAC member to his business networking group, Axis BNI. Below, you can find the meeting details. The speaker that day will be Michael McDonald, an Integrity Coach.

Wednesday March 6th

11:15am -1:00pm

Sir Francis Drake Hotel

450 Powell Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

To submit suggested networking events for AAC members, please email Jenny at va@stoll-law.com.  All submissions must align with the mission of the Attorney Action Club.

The Pali Word “Dana” and Your Attorney Action Club Membership

The Attorney Action Club is here to support you! We want it to grow and prosper in 2019!  Since 2009, the Attorney Action Club has been bringing attorneys and their network together on a monthly basis for learning and networking. The monthly lunch meetings are designed to increase each member’s referral base. It is evident in these past 10 years that once attorneys get to know each other, like each other, and build trust with one another by watching each other present on their chosen topics of legal expertise, the referrals simply begin to flow.

2019 will prove to be no different than the past 10 years as we have a dynamic line-up already confirmed on the calendar.  The AAC is ready to bring innovative and beneficial information to you on topics ranging from your firm’s social media to civil litigation in the cannabis industry.  We promise to have a little bit for everyone and hope to grow our numbers so that your network can grow too.

In keeping with our mission to grow this group and to foster our network, we are rolling out a new, optional membership fee program. We are asking that all members register on the website.  Our managed website provides benefits to members such as video replays of the monthly speakers and the “Big Win Blog” where members are invited to contribute blogs to promote their firms’ expertise.  When you register on the website, you will be prompted to choose either option, Free or Suggested Fee ($200/yr). That’s about 55 cents per day if you wanted to contribute. Registered members already on the website will be asked to follow this link and select their option as well.

We come to you thinking of your membership contribution in the Buddhist dana (generosity) practice. In this Buddhist tradition, payment is given from the heart. Dana [daana] means “Giving, liberality; offering, alms.” More generally, the inclination to give, without expecting any form of repayment from the recipient. The gift given is a gift that supports not just the teacher but also the Sangha (larger community) and your own practice. Your contribution to the AAC is not necessarily a payment for yourself, but rather a contribution to the overall group and community. To register today on the website, click here.

The Attorney Action Club’s Growth and Shaping the Future

The Attorney Action Club (AAC) is a community of legal professionals that exists to help lawyers succeed in life and business. Our membership includes both practicing lawyers and legal professionals who help lawyers succeed. The AAC helps shine a light on the importance of taking care of yourself and learning to create commercial profitable legal enterprise.

How are we doing? Please take this brief survey to help shape our future.

The AAC began in 2009.  The idea of a monthly meeting of attorneys in diverse practice areas came from my observation, after practicing law for 15 years, that a good percentage of our law firm’s best cases were being referred to us by lawyers in different practice areas.  When I discussed this point with other lawyers, my observation was confirmed. Lawyers are a fantastic source of referral business for each other. AAC’s monthly lunch meeting is designed to increase each member’s referral base and that is what has happened year in and year out since 2009.  Once attorneys get to know each other, like each other, and build trust with one another by watching each other present on their chosen topics of legal expertise, the referrals simply begin to flow.

We have had a great year with excellent, informative speakers that translate into knowledge and networking opportunities to improve our business and well-being. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than having a member come to me after a speaker presents weeks maybe even months later and ask for that particular person’s information, because they remember what key points they spoke about at our meeting.  We are about connecting and improving not only our law practices but our work/life balance.

The AAC is different than other lawyer organizations in that we specialize in networking and bring value to your San Francisco Bay Area firm. We are comprised of a San Francisco team of lawyers in diverse practice areas who have gained respect in the legal field in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

I recognize that lawyers face many challenges. The AAC can help you meet those challenges. If you are in the process of growing your firm, you can find yourself in the feast or famine cycle. You face challenges with growing, hiring and mission. In addition, you need to figure out the money issues like how to earn when you are absent and retirement.

As attorneys and law professionals, we are not alone. We are a great resource for each other. What better way to learn and network than meeting monthly with a diverse group of law professionals at AAC? You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Our community supports itself and is made up of attorneys new and experienced as well as a diverse group of professionals that can help along the way.

And the added bonus to it all is the lunch and CLE credit you earn along the way….

Since its inception, the AAC has been growing. The attendance at our monthly meetings ranges between 30 and 40 local San Francisco Bay Area attorneys and legal professionals.  Our invitation list is comprised of over 750 lawyers and legal professionals. We also have a website which will help you further your law firm’s goals. Current and upcoming features for the site are the following:

  • An SEO optimized platform to promote your business
  • Review our schedule of upcoming speakers
  • Connect with Attorney Action Club members you have met at the monthly meetings
  • RSVP for each “Third Thursday” MCLE presentations
  • Showcase your businesses within our SEO optimized WordPress platform by posting and promoting your articles and blogs
  • Archives of audio and video MCLE presentations

With this growth, we invite you to be part of AAC’s future. Please take this brief survey to let us know how we are doing and what could be improved. We look forward to 2019 and what we can learn and who we can meet that will make our law practices and lives stronger.


Challenges lawyers face, and how the attorney action club can help you meet those challenges.

As I help attorneys grow their firms, there are certain obstacles I’m sure you’ll recognize:

  • Feast or Famine: I’ve just finished being very busy and don’t have work waiting for me. On top of that, I don’t know where to get it!
  • Growing pains: How do I hire? When do I hire? What kind of firm do I want to build?
  • Capitalizing: How do I earn money without having to show up? How do I retire? Can my firm run without me?

The great news is: you are not alone.

  • Attorneys may very well be your greatest referral source. What better way to find out than regularly networking with a diverse group of them at Attorney Action Club?
  • What you’re doing has been done before. There’s no need to start from scratch. Our community supports itself and is made up of attorneys new and experienced as well as a diverse group of professionals that can help along the way.
  • It’s difficult to really believe it’s possible until we see it done. Meet founders whose firms and lifestyles prove that it’s not only realistic but possible.

All of this, while enjoying lunch and receiving CLE credit.

Lawyers: What’s Your Number One Referral Source?

Who is your number one referral partner?  The likely answer is another lawyer. It may be counterintuitive, but we are not each other’s competition; we are each others best referral source!  If you are a startup lawyer you may have discovered that IP lawyers are a good referral source, if you are a criminal defense lawyer you may have noticed that lawyers in Big Law firms commonly need a DUI lawyer for one of their client’s kids.  As a personal injury lawyer, I have discovered that estate planning attorneys have referred us wrongful death claims.

The Attorney Action Club helps lawyers grow their referral business by getting to know lawyers in diverse practice areas.  Our Third Thursday monthly meetings allow for thirty minutes of open networking. Open networking allows you to talk with and get to know other lawyers.  Each meeting gives each member an opportunity to introduce themselves and share a “Big Win” with the group. Your “Big Win” can be either personal or professional.  If your child just got accepted to university, that’s a Big Win! If you went on a vacation, thats a win! On the professional side, If you just finalized a partnership agreement, closed the deal, negotiated a settlement, acquitted your client, or helped a client resolve a dispute without litigation, the group wants to hear about your “Big Wins”!!

The magic of the Attorney Action Club, reveals itself with time.  Showing up to one meeting to hand out your business card is not a recipe for success.  The process of getting to know, like and trust another lawyer to the point where you are willing to send referrals takes time.  With regular attendance at the Third Thursday meetings, you begin to get know attorneys and attorneys get to know you. Over time, you may get to the point where you say to yourself, “I like that person and would trust them with my referrals.”

Speaking at the monthly meetings is another way attorney action club members can showcase their expertise.  The CLE presentations focus on legal topics that are of interest to lawyers in all practice areas, for example,”What Every Lawyer Must Know About Bankruptcy Law.”

Looking forward to hearing about your “Big Win” at the next Third Thursday meeting.

Why The Attorney Action Club Exists

The Attorney Action Club is a community of legal professionals that exists to help lawyers succeed in life and business.  Our membership includes both practicing lawyers and legal professionals who help lawyers succeed.

As lawyers we are our own worst enemy.  The typical lawyer has never seen a problem that cannot be solved with more work.  Except that over work then becomes the next problem, and the problem of over work cannot be solved by working more.   Our personal and professional life begin to suffer. We don’t schedule vacations and a high percentage of us burnout. Once burnout sets in we become unhappy and may turn to alcohol for relief.  The cycle continues until we are depressed, divorced or dead.

Law school taught us how to do the work, but nothing about how to run a business.  The definition of a business is a commercial profitable enterprise that runs itself (without you the lawyer). Is your law firm a business? Not many of us can answer that question with a “Yes.”

Many lawyers eventually discover that running a law firm is not as easy as we thought.  More like a JOB – Just Over Broke. The reality is that many auto body shops are run much more successfully than most law firms.  None of this is surprising, because we received no business training in law school. We are not taught how to set up a chart of accounts or calculate our law firms profit margin.

The Attorney Action Club helps shine a light on the importance of taking care of yourself and learning to create a commercial profitable legal enterprise; a business that runs itself.  Now we can calendar that long overdue vacation.