The Pali Word “Dana” and Your Attorney Action Club Membership

The Attorney Action Club is here to support you! We want it to grow and prosper in 2019!  Since 2009, the Attorney Action Club has been bringing attorneys and their network together on a monthly basis for learning and networking. The monthly lunch meetings are designed to increase each member’s referral base. It is evident in these past 10 years that once attorneys get to know each other, like each other, and build trust with one another by watching each other present on their chosen topics of legal expertise, the referrals simply begin to flow.

2019 will prove to be no different than the past 10 years as we have a dynamic line-up already confirmed on the calendar.  The AAC is ready to bring innovative and beneficial information to you on topics ranging from your firm’s social media to civil litigation in the cannabis industry.  We promise to have a little bit for everyone and hope to grow our numbers so that your network can grow too.

In keeping with our mission to grow this group and to foster our network, we are rolling out a new, optional membership fee program. We are asking that all members register on the website.  Our managed website provides benefits to members such as video replays of the monthly speakers and the “Big Win Blog” where members are invited to contribute blogs to promote their firms’ expertise.  When you register on the website, you will be prompted to choose either option, Free or Suggested Fee ($200/yr). That’s about 55 cents per day if you wanted to contribute. Registered members already on the website will be asked to follow this link and select their option as well.

We come to you thinking of your membership contribution in the Buddhist dana (generosity) practice. In this Buddhist tradition, payment is given from the heart. Dana [daana] means “Giving, liberality; offering, alms.” More generally, the inclination to give, without expecting any form of repayment from the recipient. The gift given is a gift that supports not just the teacher but also the Sangha (larger community) and your own practice. Your contribution to the AAC is not necessarily a payment for yourself, but rather a contribution to the overall group and community. To register today on the website, click here.

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