Challenges lawyers face, and how the attorney action club can help you meet those challenges.

As I help attorneys grow their firms, there are certain obstacles I’m sure you’ll recognize:

  • Feast or Famine: I’ve just finished being very busy and don’t have work waiting for me. On top of that, I don’t know where to get it!
  • Growing pains: How do I hire? When do I hire? What kind of firm do I want to build?
  • Capitalizing: How do I earn money without having to show up? How do I retire? Can my firm run without me?

The great news is: you are not alone.

  • Attorneys may very well be your greatest referral source. What better way to find out than regularly networking with a diverse group of them at Attorney Action Club?
  • What you’re doing has been done before. There’s no need to start from scratch. Our community supports itself and is made up of attorneys new and experienced as well as a diverse group of professionals that can help along the way.
  • It’s difficult to really believe it’s possible until we see it done. Meet founders whose firms and lifestyles prove that it’s not only realistic but possible.

All of this, while enjoying lunch and receiving CLE credit.

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