Why The Attorney Action Club Exists

The Attorney Action Club is a community of legal professionals that exists to help lawyers succeed in life and business.  Our membership includes both practicing lawyers and legal professionals who help lawyers succeed.

As lawyers we are our own worst enemy.  The typical lawyer has never seen a problem that cannot be solved with more work.  Except that over work then becomes the next problem, and the problem of over work cannot be solved by working more.   Our personal and professional life begin to suffer. We don’t schedule vacations and a high percentage of us burnout. Once burnout sets in we become unhappy and may turn to alcohol for relief.  The cycle continues until we are depressed, divorced or dead.

Law school taught us how to do the work, but nothing about how to run a business.  The definition of a business is a commercial profitable enterprise that runs itself (without you the lawyer). Is your law firm a business? Not many of us can answer that question with a “Yes.”

Many lawyers eventually discover that running a law firm is not as easy as we thought.  More like a JOB – Just Over Broke. The reality is that many auto body shops are run much more successfully than most law firms.  None of this is surprising, because we received no business training in law school. We are not taught how to set up a chart of accounts or calculate our law firms profit margin.

The Attorney Action Club helps shine a light on the importance of taking care of yourself and learning to create a commercial profitable legal enterprise; a business that runs itself.  Now we can calendar that long overdue vacation.

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