After Mindfulness Retreat

The After Mindfulness Urban Retreat is coming to the UC Berkeley Campus June 29-30th of this year. This first of its kind gathering welcomes all traditions (of Buddhisim practiced throughout the world? Or all cultures?) to experience how we are interconnected through cross-cultural friendships and dialogue.  The retreat will provide the expected 1500 attendees with opportunities for learning, community building, and individual contemplation through talks, music, meditation, yoga, and a dharma festival.

Talks – To share inspiring stories and some answers to what is beyond mindfulness by:

  •       Ajahn Brahm from Australia, renowned Buddhist teacher.
  •       Emma Slade, a UK banker turned Buddhist Nun, working with disabled children in Bhutan; and
  •       Ven De Hong, from Los Angeles who brought mindfulness training inside LA prisons
  •       Prof. Stephen Murphy Shigematsu who established a Stanford Heartfulness program for creativity, responsibility and authenticity.

Music – A US debut concert by Imee Ooi, musical legion offering soothing and melodic Sounds of Metta at the Zellerbach auditorium.

Yoga, Meditation, and Dharma Talks – Small and large group practice lead by local instructors, sangha leaders and guest speakers.

Dharma Festival – Each day, there will be a mid day festival serving up food, dancing, demonstrations, and engaged dharma where festival partners of local and global non-profit organizations and sanghas come together to show us ways to take your practice from the cushion to the world.

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