[9/16/21 Zoom Meeting] Commercial lease issues in the (Not-Quite) Post-Pandemic Era

Commercial lease issues in the (Not-Quite) Post-Pandemic Era by Elva D. Harding and Richard J. Zuromski, Jr.

This meeting will cover:

  • Common lease amendments/workouts during pandemic.  Different concessions and revisions are available, or not, depending on the type of lease (office, retail, industrial).  We will discuss which tenants are likely to get concessions and what types.
  • Common post-pandemic lease terms.  We will discuss how some lease provisions have changed, or not, since the pandemic.
  • Creative ideas to resolve real estate lease disputes.
  • General defenses to lease litigation from a landlord and tenant perspective as well as which ones work best in different situations.
  • Cases applying these lease defenses in practice and how effective they were, or not.

Please note this video is not offered for MCLE credit. We are only authorized to give credit to those who attend at the time of the presentation.

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