[September 2018 Video] The Systems and Strategies Behind a Profitable Law Firm | Leo Manzione and Albert Stoll


About the Event
“The Systems and Strategies Behind a Profitable Law Firm” presented by Albert Stoll and Leo Manzione.

In August of 1994, Al founded the law firm now known as Albert G. Stoll, Jr. | A Law Corporation.  In his 24 years of plaintiffs law practice, Al has handled more than 40 personal injury jury trials where negligent drivers have caused injuries to other drivers, pedestrians, motorcycle and bicycle riders.  Al has also handled numerous premise liability, slip and fall, product liability, medical malpractice, police excessive force, and employment law cases.

He enjoys practicing law with his two partners Walter Haynes who also handles personal injury cases and Jessica Juarez who represents employees in discrimination and wage and hour matters. Al Lives in Marin County with his wife Julie and three children.

Leo Manzione, Business Coach, Coaching Coordinator, and Partner at Run Right Consulting, lives to help people succeed. Whether that is doubling annual income or making a vacation possible while the business continues to grow, he is here to help. He meets with hundreds of international business owners and executives each year to assess whether or not working with Crystal is the right fit on both ends. If it is, he gets them started with one of the best investments they will ever make. If not, he makes sure they are on the path toward success nonetheless.

The key learning points are:

  • Success stories, as well as failures, from growing law firms in the SF Bay Area
  • Systems mindset: What is a system? How do they work? How do I build them to serve me and my firm?
  • Specific systems that have helped make us and our clients a lot of money

Top 5 systems to:

  • Be able to go on vacation (even as a solo practitioner)
  • Build infrastructure for the first employee
  • Manage teams, deadlines, and calendars
  • How to source multimillion-dollar cases
  • How to increase, manage, and diversify cashflow
  • Strategies that apply to every stage of a firm from solo practitioner to multimillion-dollar law firm
  • What to expect: inevitable challenges, opportunities, and milestones during a firm’s lifetime
  • What’s possible: how you can build a firm around your life instead of having to build your life around your firm
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