[January 2018 Video] Growing Your Firm Using Proven Methods in 2018 | Leo Manzione

About the Event
“Growing Your Firm Using Proven Methods in 2018” presented by Leo Manzione. 

In this presentation, Leo Manzione will discuss:

  • The five proven ways to grow a law firm and any other business for the non-attorneys
  • Lead vs. Lag measurements: what numbers to focus upon and how to increase them
  • The main distractions attorneys face when trying to increase their profits
  • Walk out with tools and questions you can apply right away

Leo Manzione, Coaching Coordinator and Director of Marketing for Run Right Consulting, lives to help people succeed. Whether that is doubling annual income or making a vacation possible while the business continues to grow, he is here to help. He meets with hundreds of international business owners and executives each year to assess whether or not working with Crystal is the right fit on both ends. If it is, he gets them started with one of the best investments they will ever make. If not, he makes sure they are on the path toward success nonetheless.

After receiving an accounting degree from a top-ranked program, he co-founded a consulting firm in college that grew its clientele by 5 million in 2015. He points to the lives he has helped change as his greatest achievement and motivation. This Bay Area native can be found with a business owner or executive, networking, teaching a workshop, or listening to an audiobook on a treadmill at nearly any given time.

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