[12/17/20 Zoom Meeting] Essential Roadmap to Divorce

Essential Roadmap to Divorce

Amanda Keith, Home Equity Retirement Specialist
Patricia De Fonte, Estate Planning Attorney @pdefonte
Alice Shikina, Mediator @ashikina
Karen D. Sparks, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

While a qualified family law attorney can help you with foundational asset division and custody, there are other crucial factors to consider when contemplating divorce. Factors include:

• How can you ensure your assets are divided in a way that benefits you in the long term?
• How can you revoke your former spouse’s rights to make medical and other important decisions
for you if you become incapacitated and cannot speak for yourself?
• How can you rearrange your finances to stay in your home after the divorce?
• How can you calmly discuss these issues with your spouse in order to establish a mutual resolution?

Whether you are contemplating divorce, or you have clients who look to you for guidance and support, this workshop will introduce you to trusted professionals who collaborate with family law attorneys and divorcing clients to ease the transition for better financial and emotional outcomes.

Please note this video is not offered for MCLE credit. We are only authorized to give credit to those who attend at the time of the presentation.

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