[02/16/2023 Zoom Meeting] Ten Trial Tips from an Appellate Specialist

Ten Trial Tips from an Appellate Specialist with Tim Kowal.

Unpleasant as it is to think about, by the time an appellate attorney looks at the case after a trial, the trial attorney’s actions are in the dock. In this presentation, a certified appellate specialist will share some of the most common trap doors trial attorneys need to avoid, and get a leg up at your next trial.

This presentation will cover top tips to trial attorneys – from little-known tricks, to “I told you so’s,” to the “call your carrier” conversations.

The tips & what-not-to-do’s will cover:

  • Failing to make a proffer.
  • Failing to object to evidence after a MIL is denied.
  • Tips and traps on MSJs, Statements of Decision, and post-trial motions.
  • How to calculate appellate deadlines – and how to recognize the documents that trigger the 60-day deadline.
  • How to know when a judgment is stayed on appeal – and when it isn’t.
  • And the evergreen tip: Don’t forgot to get a court reporter!!!

Please note this video is not offered for MCLE credit. We are only authorized to give credit to those who attend at the time of the presentation.